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MUSITA Law Office was established by the founders Mr.Muhammad Mukhlas, Mr.Daniel PP Simamora, and Mr.Anwarsyah Tarigan. This law office consist of selected group of Advocates and Consultants from a number of practice areas that have shared a vision of forming a firm that would continue to abide by the principles of hard work, quality, integrity and superior client service with high and strong commitment to build and develop a professional law firm that has expertise to cope with and find solution in every legal problem.

Our firm has expertise not only in conventional legal fields, but also accurate, thorough, fast and anticipative, in considerate and watch closely toward development in law, which continuously and rapidly moves along side with the progress of science and technology development. Supportively, this is followed with legal solution finding, which is proper, fast and accurate as fast as those progresses.

We provides legal services with "solution system" concept, in which each and every legal problem will be settled fast and efficient under the basis of high professionalism and commitment yet we are indeed supported by those of reliable and experienced Advocates/Consultants. Our legal service covers both litigation and non litigation. Related to the areas of non litigation among others is legal consultation of every legal aspect, mediation and negotiation, arbitration and state administrative.

Whereas in the areas of litigation our services covers legal assistance or accompanying / representing client in the Police Office, Judiciary, General Courts, State Administrative Court (PTUN), Commercial Court, Human Right and Corruption Court.





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