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There are two methods by which we generally bill our clients as follow:

1. Flat Fee (Lump Sum) plus a success fee ranging from 10 - 15%

2. Hourly basis plus success fee and any out of pocket expenses

We will bill our fees and expenses to clients in U.S. Dollars and IDR currencies on a monthly basis, except for litigation.

Expenses such as telex, facsimile, courier, long distance telephone calls, travel, staff overtime, some of which may include an overhead recovery factor. We may require advances if significant out of pocket expenses are to be incurred by us.

For non litigation works, our charges are based on hourly rates. In some cases we may agree on another formula for calculating charges. We will adjust our fees to reflect the value and skill we bring by delivering an innovative solution or the special responsibility or urgency of the matter. We may also adjust our fees to reflect the benefits of our previous work products or precedents. Hourly rates vary according to the type of work and experience of the person performing the work.

We agree on a fixed fee and the scope of the work increases beyond the basis of your original instructions, charges for the additional work will be based on the normal hourly rates of the practitioners involved.



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